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Le Combi de Fanny - Fanny Richard

Concept / Idea

Why this idea?!

It started in front of our television one day when we watched a french TV program called “Echappées Belles” on France 5. We discovered thanks to this TV Programm an original way to discover the South of Portugal: in a Volkswagen Combi T2. Six months later, we were leaving for a week, driving on the roads of the southern Portuguese coast in a converted Combi. We really enjoyed this holiday without constraints that we came back with the idea of one day owning our own Combi!

An original idea

In parallel, I am very proud of my region, and I looked for some years already an original idea to make discover the beauties of The Jura which I love, with the tourists but also with the natives wishing to discover their region differently!

The idea of mixing both appeared to me to be obvious. Then there was the time for the research. And one day, without much hope, I come across this little jewel/gem... in the Jura! We were made to meet us!

Contact me to get the rental rates for weedding...

Contact me to get the rental rates for photobooth...

Le Combi de Fanny - Fanny Richard
Le Combi de Fanny - Fanny Richard

His name: William!

But why William ?!
1. because my hero was, is and will always be William Wallace
2. because he has the same initials
3. because it is blue and white as the colors of Scotland, my 2nd homeland)
4. because like William Wallace, the Combi means this spirit of FREEDOM

This is from my point of view the best way to visit at its own pace, to let go that’s so complicated nowadays, accompanying all these benefits of a rich Jura gastronomy flavor!


Your personal guide

You do not know the Jura, but you want to visit this beautiful region without missing out on its most emblematic places?

Fanny offers a brochure with 4 discovery tours. These circuits, 2 days, 3 days or 1 week, will allow you to appreciate the Jura nature in all its splendor.

If you wish, you can ask to receive it...

Le Combi de Fanny - Fanny Richard

Le Combi de Fanny - Fanny Richard